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The Kingdom of Sardinia and Piedmont

After the French occupation, the Kingdom of Sardinia and Piedmont founded - in 1814 - the Royal Corps of the General Staff charged with providing the mapping of the "Continental" territory , which was completed between 1830 and 1859, while General Alberto Ferrero della Marmora, commander of the Royal Navy School founded in Genoa in 1816, compiled the map of Sardinia, 1:250,000, a copy of which is at the Italian Hydrographic Institute of the Navy.

It is the first of the two sheet chart of Sardinia, 1:250.000, assigned by the Savoy government to General Alberto Ferrero della Marmora, in cooperation with Major Charles De Candia, while the drawing and engraving are due to Debuissons and Arnoul, former artists of the previous Napoleonic " Dépôt de la Guerre (Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute)

At the same time the Savoy Navy was charged with drawing nautical atlases of the ports and bays of Sardinia and Liguria, published in 1842 and in 1855, respectively, by Admiral Giuseppe Albini. The Italian Hydrographic Institute has a copy of the second, in 24 tables of ports and bays from Nice to the river Magra, including the Tuscan islands.

A copy of the first one is kept at the International Maritime Museum in Imperia.

A huge collection of local charts is kept at the Council of the Sardinia Region.

In mid-19th century the available charts of the Ligurian Sea were inadequate to the needs of the increasing maritime traffic. Therefore, Giuseppe Albini, Admiral of the Savoy Navy, published the Portolano of Liguria , Genoa, Litografia Armanino, 1855, in 24 tables of bays and harbors from Nice to the river Magra, plus an attached general map of the Ligurian Sea.
( Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute)

(Edited by
Paola Presciuttini, 2002)