Riding the wave

The onset of nautical cartography

Pietro Visconte and the Genovese mapping school

The Genoese admiral Benedetto Zaccaria

The Luxoro Atlas

Ptolemaic maps

The planispheres - or vellum "portolan charts"

The world map of Fra Mauro

The Egerton 2803 ms at the British Library

Angelo Rocca and the Angelica Library in Rome

The regional pilot books

The Atlas of Giovanni Francesco Monno

Gian (Gio) Domenico Cassini (Perinaldo 1625-Paris 1712)

Vincenzo Maria Coronelli

The Kingdom of Naples

Eugenio Rodriguez, Lt Cdr of the Neapolitan Navy and the
cruise of the "Urania&uot; to the Empire of Brazil

Costruttori di immagini / Disegnatori, incisori e litografi nell'Officio Topografico di Napoli (1781-1879) (Draftsmen, engravers and printers at the Neapolitan Topographic Office)

Giovanni Antonio Rizzi Zannoni (Padova 1736 - Naples 1814)

Ferdinando Visconti's biography

Ferdinando Visconti's correspondence

Federico Gatti's biography

Napoli dal cielo, (Naples seen from the sky) by Vladimiro Valerio

TheIsola Ferdinandea, otherwise known as Graham's Bank

The Kingdom of Piedmont

The Italian Hydrographic Institute of the Navy

The port of Genoa throughout time

The gulf of La Spezia throughout time

The Lazzaretto and the naval ship-yard - La Spezia

E   X   H   I   B   I   T   I   O   N   S 

Viareggio and Versilia in the cartography of the XVI - XVIII centuries, 29 July-4 October 2006

The copper plates of the Atlante Marittimo.
Plates, drawings, documents of the first hydrographic survey of the Kingdom of Naples
Naples, 12 December 2006 - 8 January 2007

Cartography in Italy: new methods and instruments from 1700 to today.
Genoa, Palazzo Ducale 21-22 June 2007

Sant'Anatolia di Narco (Perugia): III Seminar on"Cartography and historic collections in Italy"
and II Exhibition of Cartography and coastal views
31 May - 1 June 2008

Naval Museum - Venice
5 - 22 September 2008
The Gulf of Venice, Adriatic Sea Ancient Maps from the 15th to the 19th century
Collection Gianni Brandozzi

Perugia - Palazzo Penna, 7 October-5 November 2011
Maps of Italy 1482-1861, by F. Ronca, A. Sorbini, A. Volpini

Paola Presciuttini

Cartography - with the full reproduction of the Peutinger table - geography and exploration in the classical era, in the site [in French]

Everything about old maps and charts on the web and in libraries, with over 3500 extensively annotated links [in English] to the Internet and to basic texts, in the site of Tony Campbell