Riding the wave


Lighthouses of the Greek islands at the end of the nineteenth

At the Library 's Hydrographic Institute of the Navy has maintained an interesting and valuable work is sui generis, and watercolor manuscript by hand, very pleasant graphics and equally significant historical and environmental interest.

The provenance is unknown, as nothing is known author Pierre Ollandini - of clear Italian origin, but presumably in the service of France - or why he dedicated the volume to the Minister of the Navy.

Since it is not, therefore, a proper French cartographic product, it seemed more appropriate to insert it in the section on the Aegean Sea.

The work is entitled Phares & Fanaux / Eclairage / Des Côtes de l'Archipel Héllènique / Guide pour la Navigation / et / Proposition pour l'Installation / of a / Magneto-projecteur de Lumiere Electrique / A Bord des Bateaux à Vapeur / par l'Ingénieur Mécanicien Ollandini Pierre, Alexandra 6 Janvier 1877.

The volume of 360 x 494 mm, is bound in green leather with gold tooling, the pot marked "Phares." The title is preceded by a dedication "To / Son Excellence / The / Ministre de la Marine / du / Royaume d'Italie."

After the index is a page of "comments" on the sinking of the "Gorgon", 19 December 1870 on the coast of Brittany, had inadequate lighting coast, so that the next "Introduction" describes the requirements and benefits of electrical signals.

The first table is an "electro-magnetic machine, followed by three" lamps Eddy "and a section of the liner" Saint Laurent, with the light board, the next fifty tables are devoted to the lighthouses of the archipelago, with characteristics, location and date of entry into service of each lighthouse, at the end, the coastline with the location and extent of the headlights.

Beside, a beacon of Santa Maura, Lat. No 38 ° 50 '30''- long. E 17 ° 22 '46'', entered service in 1868, 16.50 meters above sea level
Range 10 miles.
Above the position of the lighthouse on the island of St. Maura
Lighthouse of Corfu and its position on the NW coast.
Lat. No 39 ° 37 '5''- long. E 17 ° 36 '21'', entered service in 1825. 74.70 meters above sea level - reach 18 miles.
Lighthouse strongyles
Lat. No 38 ° 48 '''20 - long. E 20 ° 29 '17''. Entered service in 1870. 41.10 meters above sea level. Scope 16 miles