Riding the wave


JH Linschooten

In the second half of 1500 Linschooten JH, traveler and writer, accomplished within ten years, after numerous trips to Vicente de Fonseca, the Portuguese Archbishop of Goa , India. Later he was among the companions of Willem Barentsz , they accomplished in three trips in the Arctic, in the vain search for a passage of the North-East Arctic Ocean to the Indies.

In 1591 he published in the Netherlands on account of his experiences traveling to the East, which was translated into English under the title Discours of Voyages into ye East & West Indies, published in London in 1597.

In 1599 he gave printed edition in Latin entitled Navigation ac Johannis itinerarium Huyonis Linscotani in orientalem sive Lusitanorum Indiam ... Collecta omnia ac descript Belgica eundem nunc true for Latinas income, Haga-Comitis, Former Workshop Alberti Henrici.

The book, full of nautical information, geographical and economic, became almost a navigation guide to India and stimulated the interest of the Dutch and the British towards the commercial exploitation of the countries of the East.

The text is accompanied by numerous engravings of GB junior Doethecum van, taken from drawings of the author, including a view of St. Helena was discovered by the Portuguese João da Nova in 1502 and then occupied by the Dutch, who were ousted from 'English East India Company in 1651.

Although it was a small remote island in the Atlantic, it represented an important stopover for sailors, who stopped to stock up on water, game and wheat, while the healthy climate healed the sick sailors - as witnessed by the many names carved into the bark trees - and the lighthouse was safe driving to flying .

Saint Helena . Jan Huygen Linschooten
The central cartouche decorated describes Helena as an island "...sacred elements coeli et aequabilitate only fertile aquarum salubritate null sed secunda Inhabit Or ex hic Receptus nauium.India redenum located at altitude 16 graduum to austrum lineae aequinoctialis ".The cartouche on the left "Quem Capitant coelum lympheque healthy tellus.Queque novo Gramine parturiat always easy admitrat gremio que et quod producat Alendo peregre intulerit provident care only: Helene Fanum capiat teneatq nisi arctius ingens Orbe Procula our clauderet oceanus ".The cartouche on the right "illustribus ac Dominis Generosis D.D.Eduardo Phillippe et Octaviano Fuggeris Secunda, Dominis in Kirchberg et Weissenhoren Nobilibus itidem praeclaris prudentibus ac Dominis Mark Welser Matthaei Sociis ac Dominis suis ac dementis honorandis et honoris ergo obsequio D.D.Ioannes Hugonis to Linschoten ".In 'choppy stretch of sea in front of the island, appear an elaborate compass rose oriented with North at the bottom, and six Portuguese ships, perhaps returning from the East, of which are given names.
(Birmingham Central Library )

Utrecht Research Program in the History of Cartography : a glossary of atlases and pilot books published in Holland until the end of the nineteenth century, variously located in the world