Riding the wave


The 'Atlas Miller

A key document in the history of cartography, but mostly anonymous Portuguese school of thought is the 'Miller Atlas ", attributed to 1519 and known by the name of its last owner before the confluisse manuscript collections of the (new window)"> National Library of France.

Today is mutilated tables Africa but throughout the known world at that time represented the first firm of Magellan , and it is wonderful richness and variety of colors and decorations, polychrome roses, dozens of galleons of different nationalities, the illuminated and gilded coats of arms and flags that indicate the territories belonging to Spain or Portugal, agglomerations towered emblematic places important to the vitality of several "vignettes" of local life, the abundance of colorful flora and fauna.

Brazil, represented here, was joined by Cabral April 22, 1500. The paper is full of emblematic images of local life, while an inscription at the top left informs readers that the natives are dark, cruel and cannibals, skilled with bow and arrows. The country is populated by colorful parrots, birds of all kinds, monstrous animals, and is brasil said rich tree, which yields a purple dye for textiles.
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