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Sant'Anatolia Narco (PG)
Studies Seminar
"Cartography and historic collections in Italy"

We are grateful to ' Association "Roberto Almagia - Italian collection of ancient maps for this important statement:
Sant'Anatolia Narco
"Historical Cartography
and Collecting in Italy "

30 May to 1 June 2008
III Meeting of studies
The Exhibition
Cartography and Vedutismo
31 May to 1 June 2008

From 30 May to 1 June 2008, the Seminar "Cartography and historical collections in Italy" has offered a new opportunity to meet collectors, enthusiasts and curious, traders and researchers of ancient cartography, thanks to the event organized by the Municipality of Sant'Anatolia Narco (PG), with the Province of Perugia - Department for Environment, Consorzio BIM, the Archdiocese Spoleto-Norcia and the Lions Club Valnerina, under the patronage of the CISG - Italian Center for Historical Geographic Studies , the Italian Geographic Society and the Association "Roberto Almagia - Italian collection of ancient cartography.

The Association "Roberto Almagia" aims to promote the dissemination and knowledge of cartography and old prints. He cultural purposes and not for profit. The main objective of the Association is to share the great wealth of knowledge, studies and materials currently dispersed among people and institutions throughout the country, linking a series of local, some already exist, put them in an integrated collectors, scholars and institutions, so as to promote the growth and spread of a culture of historical maps and old prints, and respect for and protection of this enormous wealth.
More information is given to the site ASSOCIAZIONE "ROBERTO ALMAGIA".

This third annual conference of Sant'Anatolia Narco (PG) was centered on the figure of the cartographer as "builder of maps.

The conference began Friday, May 30, at 17:00 at Our Lady of Grace Church, with the inauguration of the exhibition map "Italy and its regions in the workshop of the engraver - Venice and Rome in the '500," in which Rare cards have been exhibited in Italy and the Italian regions of so-called "Atlas Lafreriani" (named by the name of the publisher, French Lafrery, which in Rome is dedicated to the publication of maps), consisting of collections of engravings printed on leaflets and assembled upon request by engravers working in '500 in Venice and Rome.

In that city, in fact, the advent of Renaissance culture, with the need to broaden their horizons and providing access to knowledge representation of the territory by the artists and technicians active era, favored the emergence of some workshops chalcographic .

Among the exhibited works were admired even some early printed maps that have affected more than a century, the representation of the whole Italian territory from the map of Italy and Sicily geographer Giacomo Gastaldi, charts of Piedmont, Sardinia , Lombardy and Veneto published by Ferrando Bertelli, the amazing maps of Tuscany Jerome Bell'Armato and the March of Ancona Luchini, charts the Roman countryside inspired the only existing copy in the Vatican Library of the Florentine cartographer Eufrosino of Volpaia up the remarkable paper of the Kingdom of Naples Pyrrhic Wear, in addition to outstanding papers published, among others, by Antoine de Lafrery, Salamanca, Duchetti, Orlandi, Forlani, Valegio, Vaccari Rasciotti, Giolito, Maza, Monaco, Francesco Donato Bertelli , Camocio.

This exhibition represents a unique opportunity for visitors, because the works on display come solely from private collections, whose reproduction is unpublished, and the few examples of similar cards kept at the main international and national libraries are not accessible to the public but available only through copies.

The exceptional event was underlined by the City of Sant'Anatolia Narco and the Province of Perugia - Department of Environment, with the publication of a catalog of over forty maps exhibited , realized through the collaboration developed between professionals and collectors.

Presentation of the book, at the inauguration of the exhibition, have taken Dr. Sauro Cristofani, Councillor for the Environment of the Province of Perugia, and Professor. Vladimiro Valerio, IUAV University of Venice.

The seminar continued Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1 with the conference "The mapmakers - Art, Science, Imagination and cultural patterns in the work of the cartographer, in three sessions, which allowed analysis of the work cartographers in the past centuries, when construction of the paper is the synthesis of Art, Science, Imagination and Cultural Models contemporary, up to consider the redefinition of the third millennium, in which these elements give way to new technologies.

Saturday (10:30 am) Session I: Cartography and Art - Cartographers and Science
Celestine Ricci
"Petiole Atlas of the Kingdom of Naples

( Vladimiro Valerio - Collector)
The Cartographers of the third millennium between ancient knowledge and new technologies (Andrea Cantile - Military Geographical Institute)
Joseph Rosaccio,
cartographer of the late '500

(Simonetta Conti - Second University of Naples )
Saturday (17:00) Session II: Cultural Models
Benedetto Marzolla : the legacy geostatistical mapping and ethics
(Elio Manzi - University of Palermo)
The regional mapping in the so-called Italian papers Lafreriane
(Emilio Moreschi - Collector)
Maps and Iconography in some travelers of the eighteenth century
( Ernesto Mazzetti - University of Naples Federico II)
Sunday (10:00 am) Session III: Mapping and Imagination
The maps of Moscow and the Caucasus built on travel reports (Patrizia Licini - University of Milan)
Fantasy and imagination
( Paola Presciuttini - Hydrographic Institute of Navy)

During the seminar, Saturday, May 31 at 19.00, was also screened a video on the method of printing, with printing press, a copper plate etching and aquatint, by dr. Francis Trippin.

Besides these formative events in the same day Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1 was held on the 2nd market exhibition "Mapping and Vedutismo" by Ten of the best national specialized in antique maps, engravings and topographical vedutistica in a specialized field event unique in Italy.

And finally, some images of this market:

June 2008