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The Dirección de Hidrográfica

Already in 1770 was founded the "Déposito Hidrográfico" in Madrid, wwhich in 1797 was complemented by the Dirección de Hidrográfica, whose management was taken over by famous men such as Espinosa, Bauzá, Navarrete, de Aubarede, Lasso de la Vega.

Passages between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera Espalmador, with towers Cabo Barbary, and Espalmador Gabina, fromDescripción ...
(Cadiz, Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina)

The Dirección saw to the copper engraving of the charts produced on the basis of the surveys conducted by the Comisiones Hidrográficas along the coasts of the country and its vast overseas possessions; also, it saw to the compilation and printing of pilot books and other nautical documents, in addition to training the technical and artistic personnel of the Service.

Under the command of Lasso de la Vega the Service began, in 1851, the publication of the notices to mariners - i.e., information useful for navigation that every Hydrographic Service periodically publishes today - specifically designed to communicate changes in light and reach of lighthouses.

At the time, dates, among several other unpublished works kept at the Spanish Hydrographic Service, the Descripción / de las costas / de / Menorca / Ybiza / y / Formentera, which is a manuscript, about 22 x 33 cm, describing and commenting numerous coastal views of the Balearic, taken at great distances, supplemented by the large scale views of the relevant beacons with their location, drawn by S. Palmerola.

After several laws which changed in time the organization of the various bodies connected with nautical matters, the unification of the service was reached in 1943 with the founding of the Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina, which took charge of all the functions relating to hydrography, charting and navigation.

The south coast of Ibiza, with the lighthouse Conejera
The coast of Menorca from Dartuch Cape to Mount Taurus
with the lighthouse at the end of the cape
The coast of Formentera, with the Tower Prima, the Lighthouse Mola de Formentera and the Tower Català
The Tower Valls Ibiza, on the stretch of coast from Campanitz to Mount Furnas
The charts have been published in Coste del Mediterraneo nella cartografia europea: 1500-1900, Pavone Canavese, Priuli & Verlucca Publishers, 2004, 179 p., 318 ill.