Riding the wave
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Il mare! A nominarlo
entra nei miei pensieri
folata che forza un'imposta.

The sea! I name it,
and it pushes into my thoughts,
like a blast forcing a shutter.

Camillo Sbarbaro
(translated by Paola Presciuttini)

The sea - boundless in its ever changing variety, crowded with the strangest creatures, eventful for whom dares to defy it - has long influenced the history of mankind and easily lends itself to rouse imagination and expressions of art and soul.

We love the sea in all its facets.

That is how this site was born, designed for sea lovers like ourselves: for young people, to invite them to rediscover old themes with modern means; for older people, to revive the memory of the sea.

Life itself originated in the sea, which over the millennia has been a sort of common road where people have met and fought; it has been a protagonist of deeds and misdeeds, that have left in its depths memorials and submerged museums. Charts have been made that look like picture tales, and nautical instruments have been invented that are masterpieces of technology and geniality; to the sea are related the most disparate monuments, made by nature or by man, and findings that the sea occasionally returns or tightly protects in its depths. To love the sea means to rediscover and safeguard its unending heritage.

Sullacrestadellonda.it ('Riding the wave') is therefore the result of a collective passion which we would like to share and so facilitate a return to the culture of the sea in its varied facets. This site thus proposes information, images, links, bibliography on many different topics: from the great explorations of the past to ancient cartography: from toponymy to mythology; from specialistic publications to ship models; from art to marine archaeology to naval museums in the world; from collections of marine objects to nautical instruments; from diving to water sports and travelling. It's a sort of library, where anyone can acquire and add information, to discover and imagine, in short to 'ride the wave' between past and present.

Sullacrestadellonda.it continues to grow, and is now reached by about 2000 readers a day, coming from the world over.
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