Riding the wave

Aquarius - Water Carrier

Ganymede , generally considered the son of Tros and Callirhoe, was the most handsome young man amongst the mortals, thus attracting Zeus' attentions, who had him kidnapped by an eagle, his favorite bird.

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Taken up to the Olympus, Ganymede became cupbearer to the gods, ousting from that role Hebe, a daughter of Zeus', goddess of youth and maid of the "divine residence". As reparation for the abduction, the young man was granted immortality in the heavens as a constellation.

The constellation, very extensive, covers 980 square degrees and borders Pisces (the Two Fish) , Pegasus , Equuleus (Horse) and Delphinus (Dolphin) in the north, Cetus (Whale)in the east, Aquila (Eagle) in the west, and Capricorn (Sea Goat), Southern Fish and Sculptor in the south. It has no bright stars and it is difficult to be seen with the naked-eye. It crosses the meridian in the first half of October at around 9 p.m., and the Sun crosses it between February and March.