Riding the wave


Placed above the constellation Perseus, it has a characteristic shape of a "M" or "W", depending on its position as regards the Pole Star, around which the turns. Several legends connect Cassiopaeia to the North African countries. In particular she was said to be the wife of Cepheus, king of the Ethiopians, and the very vain mother of Andromeda. Proud of her beauty, she wanted to compete with the Nereids, or even with Hera, the wife of Zeus and goddess of all goddesses.

The latter asked Poseidon to avenge this insult, and he sent a monster that ravaged Ethiopia. An oracle, consulted by Cepheus, said that the country would be freed from the scourge, if her daughter Andromeda was offered in sacrifice as a scapegoat. The girl was rescued by Perseus, and was transformed into the constellation Cassiopeia.