Riding the wave


Demifont was the king of Eleont, a city of Thrace, located on the Gallipoli peninsula, today in the European part of Turkey, which was devastated by an epidemic. An oracle had predicted that the country would be freed from this scourge if every year a young woman of noble birth were offered as a sacrifice. Therefore, each year the King drew a name by lot, always excluding his own daughters. The noble Mastusius, realizing the deception, refused to make available his daughters, unless the King had done the same. Enraged the King ordered that a daughter of Mastusius' be killed there and then. Out of revenge the latter killed Demifont's daughters, stirred their blood with wine, and offered a cup to the King during a ceremony. When the king discovered the awful truth, crashed Mastusius into the sea, along with the cup, which became a constellation in memory of that event.