Riding the wave

Corona Borealis

In Greek mythology Ariadne, daughter of Minos, fell in love with Theseus, who had gone to free Crete from the Minotaur. To help the hero to escape from the labyrinth where he was imprisoned, Ariadne gave him a ball of thread, which would allow him to reach the exit. He asked him to promise in return that he would marry her and take her away with him, but then found herself abandoned on the island of Naxos, while the ship of Theseus was sailing towards the horizon. But Dionysus fell in love with her, married her and gave her a tiara of gold as a wedding gift, which was later turned into a constellation.

According to a different version, Ariadne did not give Theseus the legendary ball, but a shining crown - which she had been given as an engagement gift by Dionysus, which illuminated Theseus' escape.

Corona Borealis