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Daylight Saving Time in Italy (Italian Summer Time)

Legislative references on the time in Italy
by Vincenzo Gaggero

According to a commonly accepted practice, Railway time also regulatesc civil time, i.e., public clocks and working hours, and is mentioned in any statement of the law where time is referred to.

Here follow the Royal Decrees of 1866 and 1893 that regulated the time in Italy, and a table showing the periods when Daylight Saving Time has been applied in Italy.

Royal Decree of September 22, 1866 No. 3224
King Vittorio Emanuele II

Railway service, telegraph and post services, courier and postal steamers of the continental provinces of the Kingdom of Italy, will be regulated on Rome mean time with effect from the day when railway timetables will be applicable for the coming 1866-67 winter season. In the islands of Sicily and Sardinia these services will be regulated on the meridians of Palermo and Cagliari.

Meridians of the three towns in reference:

Palermo 13 ° 22 'East
Rome 12 ° 29 'East
Cagliari 09 ° 07 'East

In the Kingdom of Italy, when in Sicily it was noon, in the continental provinces it was about 11:56 a.m. and about 11:23 a.m. in Sardinia

With the gradual accession of nations to the system of time zones, it became necessary to standardize the time throughout the Kingdom of Italy.

Royal Decree of August 10, 1893 n ° 490 of King Umberto I
Article 1

The railway service throughout the Kingdom of Italy will be adjusted according to the mean solar time of the meridian 15 degrees east of Greenwich, which will be named " Central European time".

Article 2

The counting of hours each day for the rail service will be done from midnight till midnight of the following day.

Article 3

The foregoing provisions shall come into force, according to the time specified in art. 1, at 0 hours of 1 November 1893, and from that moment any other provision to the contrary will cease to have effect.

At 0 hours of 1 November 1893 all public clocks were aligned with the Royal decree: in Sicily it was 11:53 p.m., in the continental provinces it was about 11:49 p.m., and in Sardinia it was about 11:36 p.m.

References legend of the Italian
Daylight Saving Time table
Gazzetta Ufficiale
Il Lavoro
= Law Decree of the Duce
= Law-Decree of the Lt. of the Realm
= Royal Decree
= Royal Law-Decree
Official Gazette
(newspaper published in Genoa)
Daylight Saving Time in Italy (Italian Summer Time)

The table, for some years, shows two references to legislation: the first refers to the entry into force of DST and the second refers to the reversion to standard local time).

For better understanding, in some cases reference is made to the Genoese newspaper Il Lavoro; in 1944 Italy had two different laws ruling the DST: one in North Central areas under the Italian Social Republic, and one in the South, i.e., the Kingdom of Italy.

1 hours ahead: from time zone - to DST (Summer time)

1 hours back: from DST (Summer time) - to time zone

1921 - 1939: Summer DST was not adopted

From 1949 to 1965, Summer DST was not adopted

On the basis of the European Parliament resolution of 12 October 1978 and subsequent disposal on this subject, inviting the Council and the EEC Commission to harmonize the legislation of Summer DST among the States of the European Community, since 1980 time changes were fixed at 2 a.m. to 3a.m. and vice versa.

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