Riding the wave

Seafood salad


12 walnut St. Jacques

4 fillets of sole

a can of crab meat

take a bunch of salads

a bunch of hearts with spinach

some leaves of dandelion

a clove of shallot

a little parsley and chives

teaspoon sweet mustard

few drops of Worchester sauce


salt and pepper.


Wash the lettuce, spinach and dandelion.

Cook the fillets of sole steamed for a few minutes.

Heat in a pan with a spoonful of oil and brown the walnuts St. Jacques with salt and pepper to two minutes per side.

Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with mustard and Worcester.

Chop the shallots with the parsley and chives.

Mix the salad leaves with spinach and dandelion and posarvi nuts over sole fillets and cut into chunks.

Sprinkle everything with herbs and shallots, sprinkle with mustard sauce and crumble over the crabmeat.

Nonna Lia