Riding the wave

Salad Niçoise


A head of romaine lettuce

2 tomatoes

200 grams of beans

200 grams of potatoes

a cucumber

a "heart" of celery


a sweet pepper

two eggs

2 anchovy fillets

150 grams of tuna

a tablespoon of olive

a sprig of mint


wine vinegar

salt and pepper.


Cook the potatoes and, separately, the beans.

Wash tomatoes and cut into wedges.

Peel the cucumber and slice.

Dicing the onion and celery sticks.

Wash the peppers, remove seeds and cut into rounds.

Let harden eggs, peeled and cut into wedges.

Wash the lettuce and place in a bowl with the onion.

Peel the potatoes, slice them and put them sull'insalata with green beans, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, bell pepper, olives and mint.

Arrange the tuna around in the middle of the cloves, coarsely chopped egg and anchovies.

Mix a few tablespoons of oil with a splash of vinegar, salt and pepper Pour over salad and stir gently.

Nonna Lia