Riding the wave

Hongkong Fried Plaice


300 gr. slices of plaice

a bit 'olive oil

90 gr. chopped onion

a stalk of celery chopped

90 gr. of shredded bamboo shoots

12 round slices of cucumber

30 gr. sliced mushrooms

pepper to taste

a bit 'of water

a teaspoon of sherry

a teaspoon of cornstarch flour

a teaspoon of soy sauce

few drops of sesame oil.


Heat the olive oil and fry all the vegetables for 1 minute then add enough water to cover and cook for 2 minutes, then remove and arrange on a warm plate.

Meanwhile, in another pan heat a little 'oil, add thin slices of fish, pepper, sherry and fry on both sides for 2 minutes, add vegetables and cook 3 to 4 minutes. Place in serving dish.

Mix the cornstarch with enough water to make a sauce and put it in the pot with the soy sauce and sesame oil, cook turning constantly, until the sauce is thick. Pour the plaice.