Riding the wave
lobster fresh Anchovies, marinara
Anchovies or Sardines with potatoes
Bass tartare
pasta salad with Botargo
Bream bangkok style
Caciucco viareggio style
Carp in sauce
Clam soup
Cod gourmand
Cod mousse
stewed Cod
Cod with batter
Cod with milk
Cod with potatoes
Cod with tomato sauce
Cuttlefish at policorese
Cuttlefish in zimin
grilled Fish and shrimp
Fish slices saporiti
marinated Herring with potatoes
grilled Lobster with herbs
Mackerel with potatoes
baked red Mullet
grilled red Mullet with lemon
Mussels in triumph
Mussels with flavors
Mussels with pine nuts
salmon Noodles cinnamon
Noodles with seafood
Octopus salad
oysters Oysters tartare
baked Palombo
salmon Pasta salad
Pasta salad with lumpfish
hongkong fried Plaice
thai fried Plaice
Rice with salmon and lentils
Rice with shrimp and artichokes
Risotto with cuttlefish ink
traminer Risotto with lobster and artichokes
saffron Risotto with octopus carpaccio
Risotto with oysters and champagne
Risotto with pumpkin and shrimp
cod Risotto with saffron
mussels Risotto with tomatoes and oregano
Salad niçoise
smoked Salmon carpaccio
Sardine rolls with capers
Sardines tasty
Sardines with vinegar and hot pepper
Seafood salad
Seafood stuffed potatoes
crab Shellfish salad
Shrimp cantonese
Shrimp kebabs bacon
Shrimp, rice and nettles
Shrimp soup
Shrimp with fried rice
Sole and shrimp in terrine
Sole with spicy sauce
Spaghetti with salmon
Stockfish ligure
Swordfish carpaccio
Swordfish kebabs
Swordfish salad
stewed Tench
Tuna carpaccio with mussels
Tuna omelette
Tuna savoury
Trout threaded gelatin
Tuna with artichokes