Riding the wave

Risotto with pumpkin and shrimp


200 grams of rice
1 onion
80 g butter
300 g pumpkin previously deprived of the rind and seeds
20 shrimp
1 liter of vegetable broth
1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese
salt and pepper.


Cut the pumpkin into pieces and cook in steam.
Saute in a pan with 40g of butter half onion finely chopped, add the pumpkin and let it season a few minutes, then go and collect all the puree into a bowl.
Shell the shrimp minus 4 that you need to take part, and the remaining chopped.
Chop the remaining onion, sauté in a saucepan with 40 g of butter, add rice, toast, wet it with a ladle of broth, add the mashed pumpkin and chopped shrimp, and cook slowly adding the hot broth.
Check the salt and pepper and stir in Parmesan.
4 Fry the shrimp stayed.
Divide risotto into dishes and decorate each plate with fried shrimp.

Nonna Lia