Riding the wave

Most of the figureheads of late nineteenth century belonged to a certain tonnage of merchant ships, and were thus proportional to them: the woman in place of forward - preserved in Genoa at the Galata Museo del Mare - belonged to a brig , and then big enough , almost life size, which could be passed on larger ships.

The work, in one piece except your arms, gives the idea of ​​proceeding, which differs from the static of similar sculptures. The right hand had to make something that would have allowed a better interpretation of the origin of figurehead. The monochrome color, with greenish tint, it may indicate a desire to give the impression of a bronze statue, or could instead refer to a source of Liguria, where - are affected by the French models - they avoided the color, unlike the lively English models, works that have influenced the Tuscan and Neapolitan.

( Campodonico 2002)