Riding the wave

Figurehead at the Naval Museum of La Spezia , depicting Vittorio Emanuele II, the ship "King Gentleman," previously called "Monarch" and belonging to the Neapolitan Navy. It 'probably originally the figurehead depicted the monarch, that Ferdinand II of Bourbon, who had ordered the construction in 1846. He was a 80-gun ship, launched in 1850, and major activities took place: at the end of 1860 it was transformed into pirovascello, transported to New York in 1863-64 for the crew to arm the pirofregata battleship "King of Italy" In 1866 he was a Vis, but for its poor quality soldiers, did not participate actively in the operations.

(From Formicola Antonio and Claudio Romano, Naples ... Vessels in Maritime Magazine, March 1987)