Riding the wave

In this section we intend to describe historical instruments, but also very modern ones, all of them related to sea activities.

The starting point is the collection of the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy , as this institute, in this area - as well as in the cartography area - has special significance, because of its specific and exclusive institutional function in our country.

The cartographical public institution owns and maintains thousands of ancient and modern instruments, including very small parts.

Among these a hundred of very valuable pieces and rarities, which remind the activities of the institute on over one hundred years, and many modern systems of navigation, positioning and search at sea. This section will therefore describe nautical, surveying and astronomical instruments, as the most significant pieces of this collection. It is also to be noted that many of these instruments are now exhibited - under an agreement with the Municipality of Genoa - in the Galata Museum of the Sea.

We won't forget other memorabilia kept in public institutions, and we will point out items that may appear on the antiquities market.

On the background The Astronomer , c. 1668, by Ian Vermeer , 1632-1675,
kept at the Musée du Louvre , Paris